Product Sales Services We Provide

Our world-class Product Sales services can be tailored to any business that is looking to improve its competitive position in just about any industry. From Product Sales and equipment supplies, to Supply Chain Optimization and Trade Financing, we will provide the expert leadership that can spell the difference between a successful venture and a missed opportunity.

Trade Financing

Trade Financing

COA Industry Solutions provides overseas clients with available, low-cost financing options to accord them highly flexible payment terms for our heavy duty equipment. We have excellent relationships with several financial institutions, which uniquely positions us to coordinate desirable arrangements on all equipment purchases. Learn more about our Trade Financing services.

Industrial Solutions Analysis

We work closely with customers to analyze purchasing objectives and determine optimal product recommendations. This is a value-added service that bypasses minimal requirements to promote sustainable solutions. Learn more about our Industrial Solution Analysis services.

Industrial Solutions Analysis

Product Sales

COA’s product sales success is driven by our comprehensive product knowledge across many industries. This allows us to help you achieve better results through a well-informed partner. Learn more about Product Sales.


With our network of logistics partners, COAIS supports clients with global logistics services focused on optimizing supply chain operations through various mediums, for a reliable competitive advantage. Learn more about our Logistics planning services.

Logistics Planning
Distributor/Representative Selection

Distributors/Representative Selection

Our global reach is made stronger by the close ties we have with manufacturers, helping them to establish local distributors that close the final gap in market penetration, and using local resources most efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn more about Distributors/Representative Selection.


COA Industry Solutions is proud of our contractor relationship with the US Federal Government. Through our strength in procurement, and our expertise in supply chain management, we’re recognized for our attention to detail, and our ability to deliver high quality goods at the lowest cost, and on time. Read more on our government services.

COA is a US Government Contractor