For the manufacturers we represent, we assist in assessing, selecting and appointing local distributors that will work with us in achieving the desired sales needs of winning sales promotions locally and internationally.
This has been profitable as it accords us and our partners the opportunity to have their products sales reach extend to unbelievable target focus for a sustainable business growth and expansion.

With a suitable globalization strategy, we are able to break through language, cultural, political and other factors that could slow our market penetration strategies.

Our utilization of local content benefits has accorded us great success in each product sales location advancement.

Distributor Selection Process
Our selection process includes:

  • Inviting Companies with related experience.
  • Develop a “perfect distributor” profile.
  • Pre-qualify and prioritize.
  • Prepare for the interview.
  • Evaluate the trade.
  • Check business references.

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