Customer-Focused Product Sales


Product sales is our core expertise. With extensive knowledge of various industries, we tailor our sales to the specific needs of our target customer. Team work and working together with our valued customers plays a significant role in achieving a desired outcome in product recommendation and acceptance.

Product Knowledge

Our sales success thrives on our comprehensive product knowledge – an essential sales competency which allowsus to make all the difference for customers. It has always empowered us to provide the right answers to our customers’ questions. Knowledge is power and COA Industry Solutions LLC, ensures that all our Business Development Consultants are well-equipped with the knowledge of what they are marketing. The mastery of our products’ features allows us to present our benefits accurately and persuasively.

Customers respond to passionate Business Development Consultants who are enthusiastic about their products and eager to share the benefits with them.

Excellent Customer Service

This is the assistance and advice we provide to our customers who buy or use the products or services purchased from us.

  • Our product knowledge always exceeds customer expectations.
  • We listen to customers.
  • We answer customer questions with a positive attitude.
  • We value our customers.
  • We respect our customers.
  • We encourage our customers to ask questions on areas of our product information that is not comprehensible to them.
  • We train our employees to become proficient and dependable in their various competencies.
  • We ask for feedback from our customers concerning their business experience with us.
COA is committed to Excellent Customer Service

Though success is guaranteed, improving our customer’s value proposition derivation and exceeding their expectations remains our pride.

This has accorded us with the under listed benefits:

  • An Understanding of our Customers’ Concerns – We have been able to closely work with many of our customers to understand their industrial application that the concerned product handles and the cause of their specific problems that brought them to us. During this process, different stakeholders are involved in the decision at different points. Working with the right people and analyzing the need requirements have always exciting and that has continuously motivated our desire to deliver the desire value propositions.
  • Feedback from Our Customers – We have received various feedbacks from our customers on the products and services we offer and that has always helped us in improving our services and delivering desired values to our customers.
    We have been able to gather relevant knowledge about the impressions of our customer as they interact with and observe them on their buying journeys. Harmonious and shared customer concerns paves the way for higher transformation and win rates.
  • By sharing these insights about practices, choice, interests, concerns, and even opinions, we have worked with our customers to better identify and engage the most promising potential outcomes.
  • Better Execution of Customer Feedback. We have been able to work with our customers to ensure that their feedback are well implemented in our services to exceed their expectations.
COA Better Execution
  • Better After Sales Support – This the service we provide our customers after the closing of each sale of any of our products. Part of the after sales service supports includes an existing relationship with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and our customers, throughout the life cycle of the product or service, while other warranties are under scheduled limitation.
    COA offers a unique strategyWe closely follow-up with our customers concerning the products delivered to them on ensuring the delivered values still serving as expected. If for any reason, an unexpected experience is encountered, this After Sales Support Services allows customers to tender their distress but fortunately for COA Industry Solutions LLC, we have never had a single customer complaint since we started our business. This has strengthened our relationship with our customers and also increased their trust in doing business with us.
  • A More Unique Strategy – COA Industry Solutions aligns sales and marketing functions to be strategic and result oriented.
    We have a clear vision of the worries surrounding purchases, trying our new products, cost implications, product delivery time, and other inside-out perspective coming from the buyer’s point of view, in addition to the critical nature it has on organizations that adopts an account-based approach. Our Sales and marketing alignment does not only address the artificial stack division between marketing and sales, and instead leads to a comprehensive view of the buyer journey from beginning to the end.

Win! Win!! Win!!! Win!!!! is what we always do!

By designing, implementing, promoting, and managing our well aligned sales and marketing concept, our company amplifies the benefits with a high win rate outcomes compensated by the impact of both marketing and sales activities. This guarantees high revenue generation and business growth for all the products we offer.

Information on the types of products we offer and the industries our products service are well detailed in the Products & Focus page.

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