We Help Business Innovate

Our Belief

We believe that brave attempts define what the future would be. That the zeal to become a leader in the industry requires courage, dedication and focus to our goal. Our business activities circulate within the radius of our policy standards and government regulations.

We appreciate people that desire to be outstanding in doing what they love to do, growing to leadership positions to be emulated. In COA Industry Solutions, we grow people through our training programs to outstanding leadership positions to continue to do the right thing for our customers, our communities and themselves.

Our results and accomplishments are not being brought to existence by the word “I” but rather the word “WE”.

We believe in teamwork guided by our principle of “A United Team and A United Dream.”

Our workplace is welcoming, and with a creative and result oriented customer service team, we have always been able to exceed all our customer’s expectations regarding their changing needs.

“We do not allow situations to define us,
but instead, we define ourselves based on our
point of view that we care deeply about.”

Our team of technical professionals immediately respond to all requisitions, understanding the critical need for which the requisition was generated and closely work with all our customers to ensure that all information concerning their need is available to aid effective recommendation and selection of the needed products. Our team also understands the budget concerns of customer and have always worked with customers to innovate the strategy that saved cost and still met the desired product specification needed to optimize our customers production processes.

Our specialized industry experts, backed by technical knowledge in pumping process, heating, piping, instrumentation, filtration, and oil spill recovery applications have assisted thousands of customers solve their most demanding applications.


To remain a leading industrial equipment, chemicals, earth material and trucking supplies solutions corporation, strategically bringing to our global customers, products and services to the doors of their target dealer and customers thereby assisting them in realizing their business objectives through excellent implementation of our proven strategies.

We collaborate with global private, public, and governments establishments to ensure that the critical challenges of our customers are addressed in a way that helps them meet their corporate sourcing goals with great cost-savings benefits.

Our Principles

  • At COA Industry Solutions, we recognize our workforce as our most precious asset, while conducting all business with the highest ethics and uncompromising integrity.
  • COA Industry Solutions transparently builds trust and promotes accountability as we work with our clients and partners.
  • We encourage teamwork and create a motivating work atmosphere that stimulates improved productivity.
  • At COA Industry Solutions, we ensure that our code of conduct conforms with all applicable laws and regulations governing our business.
  • We measure our accomplishments by our clients’ success.
  • We deeply commit ourselves to our clients’ success by channeling all our resources towards addressing their concerns.
  • At COA Industry Solutions, we focus on delivering the real values that our customers desire.



Customer satisfaction remains the nucleus of our business as they are the foundation of our business growth. We work closely with all our customer to ensure that they have the best customer experience and that their product needs are met, on time, on budget and with their desired quality.


Quality helps us to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. We have built reputation for QUALITY since we started business and since 2013, we have never any of the products we supplied returned by any of our customers.


Embracing diversity is a critical step for our continuous business growth and making the right impact on the global market. Diverse perspectives can foster innovation. Diverse perspectives has fostered innovation in our business and has enabled our  team to perform better with better ideas.


Our business is dedicated to continuous improvement and recognize the importance of these actions for strengthening the quality of the products we offer, improving customer satisfaction, and for improving our efficiency, productivity and profits.


Trust is the most important business and brand asset we manage, especially in relationships with our customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders. Our business grows because our people and our customers trust us.


Our Teamwork involves different people and different groups with different background working together to maximize our efficiency and reach our common goal.


The way and manner we conduct our business is open, honest, and cooperative. Improved transparency has resulted in building our customer loyalty, created a greater sense of employee ownership, with greater employee engagement, and better company alignment.


Integrity has enabled us to set the standards for excellence in our industry. This has accorded us the ability to earn the long-term respect of customers, vendors, staffers and even competitors.