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Trade finance signifies financing for trade, and it concerns both domestic and international trade transactions. Trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services as well as a buyer. Various intermediaries such as banks and financial institutions can support these transactions by financing the trade.

COA Industry Solutions provide our overseas clients with available, low-cost financing options to accord them highly flexible payment terms for our heavy duty equipment. We have excellent relationships with several financial institutions, which uniquely positions us to coordinate desirable arrangements on all equipment purchases. The advancement of our credit facilities utilizes the financial institution that provides trade financing to overseas companies that purchase from COA Industry Solutions.

Set pre-requisites for our trade finance assistance:

Present and past financial statements.

Introductory letter from your bank demonstrating your credit worthiness.

Commercial bank references.

Credit Report

We make buying easy for all our customers.

At least 2 years business operational history.

COA Industry Solutions LLC remains committed to assisting our valued customers with TRADE FINANCE arrangements to enable them successfully purchase our products, in situations where they are unable to commit 100% of their desired products financial obligation.

Letter of Credit Assistance

A letter of credit, also known as a Documentary Credit or Banker’s Commercial Credit, or Letter of Undertaking, is a payment mechanism utilized in international trade to provide an economic guarantee from a creditworthy bank to an exporter of goods.

COA Industry Solutions understands the challenges some companies face in acquiring needed heavy-duty products, or machineries that will optimize their productions and increase their revenue generation. On this ground, we assist our customers to secure affordable trade financing package from United States financial institution to help them acquire their desired product for their industry.

Below are the steps the Letter of Credit follows for our customers that need low cost financial assistance with purchasing challenging volumes from COA Industry Solutions LLC:


You and COA Industry Solutions contractually agree that you will import our capital goods to your company for a particular price. You obtain a Letter of Credit from your local bank, which will guarantee that COAIS will receive payment for our the capital goods you are buying from us.


Here in the United States, our bank assesses the your Letter of Credit and forwards it to us.


We export the purchased goods or services to you as originally agreed in the contract. Then we submit the documents to our bank as proof that we have provided the goods or services to your company.


Our bank sends the shipping documents to your bank for processing of payment.


After confirmation, your bank sends payment on complete balance to our bank.


Our bank receives the payment in full from your bank and credits our account.

Medium-Long Term

Most financing with this term can run from 1 to 5 years with amount up to $7 million plus. Our customers might be required to make 15% plus down payment in some situations.

Benefits of our credit finance:

  • Fast application process
  • Single digit interest rate
  • Minimal down payment requirement
  • Availability of open account financing
  • Low cost of funds
  • Helps to improve customers profitability.

COA Industry Solutions experts will assist customers with trade finance need in reviewing their documentations and submission to United States financial institutions for underwriting and approval.

Buyer Guarantee Assistance

Buyer’s Guarantee is put in place to assist in supporting width international trade from United States company. This helps foreign buyer that face that challenge of utilizing expensive borrowing rates in their home country, blocking them from buying U.S. products and services.

Our US financial institution assists US exporters in securing competitive financing for their creditworthy international buyers. By advancing a loan guarantee to an American-based commercial lender, EXIM will help unlock financial benefits that is not available to a foreign buyer seeking to purchase U.S. products or services.