We Help Business Innovate

We believe in remaining a dependable solution to our customers business requirements.

COA Industry Solutions has been in business since 2013 and have been undergoing an internationalization process which has resulted in our ability to reach 29 countries with an outstanding products and services leadership position in the global market.

Consistently, we build global business process that provides great value to all our global customers by our knowledge-based industry expertise,as we are always inspired by our innovation, efficiency, creativity, Competitiveness, Transparency, Dependability, Compliance, and On-time actions.

COA Industry Solutions LLC is here to serve our customers. The consistency of our ability to exceed expectations means that we are one of the few companies in the global market that is recognized for our ability to deliver the desired outcome.

Helping our customers is one of the reasons for our belief that for every customers’ need, we must deliver sustainable solutions that supports our customers’ business growth.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, we aim to grow sustainably, offering best quality, cost-savings and innovative products and services; carrying out our business ethically and transparently; providing a motivating, and safe work surroundings, where people may develop the required skill; and supporting the wide range of industries that we service.

Developing People

COA Industry Solutions has great team of experts and we consistently provide them with tools of career improvement needed for consistent career success.

Growth Opportunities

  • Our success is sustained by a robust, dedicated team that up holds the company’s values and beliefs. This is our reason for appreciating our greatest human capital asset because alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much in achieving our goal.
  • We have a set of programs which promote, sustain and accelerate employees’ development in their career progression.

We have tools of Performance Assessment Cycle (PAC), which evaluates employee performance and improvement prospects. The PAC process provides a result-oriented stage-by-stage plan for employee’s development to meet their needs for potentials fulfilment. The PAC motivates career development as it indicates the required training the employees need in their career journey with COA Industry Solutions.

COA Industry Solutions always encourage our employees to also utilize other external value improvement methods to expand their potentials and the need to ensure that our expectations of performance must be guided by our organizational policy.

We invite you to COA Industry Solutions for an exciting journey of continuous career improvement. As a global leader of various products and services sales and supplies solutions for a wide range of industries, our continued growth brings opportunity for our team to become true drivers of their own career growth.

We need:

  • Outstanding Sales Agents
  • Freight Dispatchers
  • US Customs Brokers
  • Equipment Operators
  • Industrial Equipment Repair Technicians